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Lr Buddy KeywordsLr Buddy (Lightroom Buddy) is an iOS app that helps you tag your photos with location and other metadata as you take your photographs with your DSLR.  Lr Buddy automatically records the location information for photos and will allow you to add keywords, star rankings, colors and other metadata to your photos as you shoot them. Everything gets sent to the cloud and after you import your photos into Adobe Lightroom all the location and metadata is automatically synced for you.

Lr Buddy Metadata Utility for Adobe Lightroom LOGOLr Buddy is designed for the serious photographer and allows you to tag your photos as you shoot or tag them afterward.  It offers various modes to tag your photos such as: all photos taken with the last few minutes, by count, by distance or by similar location.

Setup is simple!  Just install the Lr Buddy app on your iOS device, then install our free Adobe Lightroom plugin on your computer, then make sure your DSLR and iOS device time (and timezone) match, then you are ready to go!  Detailed setup instructions can be found on our Help Page.

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